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Our Rebrand Story: The Leap Forward from KMS Media Solutions to Leapcrest Marketing

Almost a decade ago, in 2012, I embarked on a journey to establish KMS Media Solutions after spending nearly eight years navigating the challenging yet thrilling realm of media and marketing. Inspired by the candid feedback of my clients and the persistent desire to fill an existing gap in the market, I initiated the venture with two critical elements at its core: my clients and my family. The acronym KMS represents the initials of my family, infusing a personal touch and a sense of dedication into the business right from its inception.

Over the years, KMS Media Solutions expanded beyond the confines of its initial vision, maturing and blossoming with every step. Our team grew, not just in numbers but also in the depth of our collective expertise. We realized that we are no longer just a marketing agency. We are a cohesive unit driven by a shared purpose: "To build a future where every team member and every client leaves a legacy."

Our growth has led us to hone in on our core competencies. We offer Fractional CMO services to an e-commerce business, which has seen massive growth. We cultivated a deep expertise in content creation, social media management, influencer marketing, connected TV advertising, and YouTube management. Each of these services is aligned under a comprehensive umbrella: empowering impact-driven brands to build authentic connections that drive conversions through strategic storytelling.

And then, a divine call resonated within me. It was time for our agency to evolve, to transcend the barriers of its existing identity, and to make a greater impact. After meticulous introspection and deliberation, we envisioned Leapcrest, a name reflecting the transformation clients experience after partnering with us.

Brands, at different stages, often confront a ceiling that restricts their growth. To breakthrough, a pivot or a strategic shift becomes imperative. That's when they require a modern marketing strategy, a space where Leapcrest confidently thrives.

Most agencies proclaim to be an 'extension' of their client’s team. At Leapcrest, we prefer to delve deeper and truly integrate with our clients, becoming a part of their team. Our experts ensure every brand we collaborate with possesses a strong foundation needed to weave their story and form lasting connections with their audience.

Our proven process aids brands in taking a leap in the right direction, saving time and frustration in the process. At Leapcrest, we don't just help brands achieve their goals; we empower them to leap beyond, to carve a future where they will leave their legacy - for themselves, their company, and their families.

At Leapcrest, results aren't just expectations, they are a commitment. We've rebranded, but our core values of excellence, integrity, transparency, and impact remain unaltered. As we venture into this new phase, we are excited about the opportunities that lie ahead.

Welcome to Leapcrest Marketing - where brand marketing meets performance marketing. We're leaping forward, are you ready to join us?


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