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Advertising Strategies for 2024: Embracing Creativity and Data-Driven Insights

As we look toward 2024, the landscape of advertising continues to evolve rapidly, making creative strategy and brand messaging more critical than ever. Leapcrest Marketing is at the forefront of navigating these changes, ensuring that brands not only keep pace but excel in connecting with their audiences in meaningful ways.

Marketing Team Creating Advertising Strategy for a Client
Advertising Strategies for 2024

Understanding the Customer Journey

An integral part of creating an effective advertising strategy is understanding the customer journey. Brands must map out each touchpoint, from initial awareness to final purchase and beyond. This insight allows for more personalized and impactful messaging, tailored to each stage of the customer's experience.

Listening to Your Customers: The Value of Post-Purchase Surveys

One potent tool in understanding your audience is the post-purchase survey. These surveys provide direct feedback from customers, offering insights into their experiences and expectations. This data is invaluable for refining your products, services, customer buying experience and advertising approaches.

The Relevance of Email and the Rise of SMS/MMS

While email remains a relevant channel, the shift towards mobile-first communication is undeniable. SMS and MMS marketing are becoming increasingly crucial in reaching customers directly on their mobile devices. The key is to deliver content that is not only engaging but also desired by the audience. However, earning the trust of your customers is vital, as they need to feel confident in sharing their phone numbers and receiving messages from your brand.

Developing a Robust Advertising Strategy

Knowing where and how to deploy your message is crucial. This isn't just about choosing the right platforms; it's about timing, context, and relevance. What worked a year ago might not yield the same results today. Regular analysis of data and customer feedback is essential to remain agile and adapt your strategy as consumer behaviors shift.

Budget Allocation and Testing

At Leapcrest Marketing, we recommend allocating a small portion of your budget to testing new advertising avenues. Consumer behavior, trust and platform effectiveness are ever-changing, so it's vital to explore and identify what works best for your brand continually.

The Rise of New Platforms and the Relevance of TV Advertising

While Facebook's credibility may be waning due to the rise in scams, platforms like TikTok are gaining traction. TikTok has a very strict screening process for brands to enter TikTok Shop whereas Facebook has an open door allowing scammers to create fake businesses and effectively sell to consumers.  However, don't discount TV advertising yet. Television, especially Connected TV (CTV), is making a comeback. Consumers tend to trust brands they see on TV more, and CTV offers targeted advertising capabilities with detailed tracking.  Not all CTV platforms are equal and you will need to have expertise in how to buy the CTV inventory for your brand to effectively reach your target audience and drive sales.  

The Importance of Organic Social Media

Organic social media presence is integral to maintaining brand relevance and establishing a connection with your audience. It's about showing your brand's personality and staying true to your core values while engaging with your audience in a genuine and dynamic way.  You’ll need to determine who your audience is on each platform and develop content that resonates with them.  Each channel typically requires a separate strategy, content, and tone of voice.

Tailored Channel Strategies and Execution

Having the right team is key. This team should not only determine the best channels for your brand but also create a tailored strategy for each. This includes content creation and execution, ensuring that every piece of content aligns with your brand identity and resonates with your audience.

Navigating Consumer Confidence in 2024

With a slight downturn in consumer confidence, becoming a strong, reliable brand in 2024 is more important than ever. It's about finding innovative ways to connect with customers, staying efficient, and being authentic.


In 2024, advertising is not just about reaching the audience; it's about resonating with them. At Leapcrest Marketing, we understand this evolving landscape. By combining data-driven insights with creative strategies, we help brands establish a strong, trustworthy presence, ensuring they not only survive but thrive in the dynamic world of advertising.

Discover the key advertising strategies for 2024! Embrace creativity and data-driven insights to connect with your audience in meaningful ways.

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